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Employee Spotlight: Nikki - Our Dynamic Marketing Manager and Design Consultant

At Movable Roots, we pride ourselves on building not just homes, but dreams. This week, we're shining the spotlight on someone who has been with us since the very beginning and plays a pivotal role in bringing those dreams to life—our Marketing Manager and Design Consultant, Nikki.

Movable Roots Marketing Manager

Meet Nikki: Our Versatile Marketing Manager and Design Consultant

Name: Nikki

Role: Marketing Manager and Design Consultant

Years with Movable Roots: Since the Beginnings

Nikki’s journey with Movable Roots has been an exciting ride from the start. She has not only seen the company grow but has also been a significant part of that growth, bringing her unique skills and passion to the table every day. In addition to handling all marketing responsibilities, Nikki collaborates closely with her husband, Mike, the co-owner of Movable Roots, on the initial design of the homes and helps clients with their final selections, ensuring each build is as unique and personal as the people who will live in them.

A Unique Perspective on Movable Roots

When asked about her favorite part of working at Movable Roots, Nikki's response was heartwarming. "Getting to not only work with my husband 😊 but I have also learned so much about the building process," she shared. "Things I would not have been exposed to in previous positions that I have held. I enjoy seeing a home being planned out in construction software from a client's dream and then it becoming a reality when finished. Also, handing the keys over to the homeowner never gets old."

Nikki's insight into the construction process has given her a deep appreciation for the intricacies involved in building tiny homes. This hands-on experience is something she values greatly and is a testament to her dedication to the craft.

Expectations vs. Reality in Tiny Home Construction

Venturing into the world of tiny homes, Nikki wasn't quite sure what to expect. "I am not sure what I anticipated at first," she admitted. "I didn’t realize how difficult a tiny home actually is to build. Many think, 'oh it’s a tiny home, it's easy.' When in actuality, it is difficult. You are working in a 'tiny' space and fitting everything in such a small space. It is like putting a very difficult puzzle together."

This revelation speaks volumes about the complexity and skill required in the tiny home industry, something that Nikki has come to understand and master over her years with Movable Roots.

Movable Roots Custom Tiny Home

Favorite Builds: A Touch of Classic and Commercial Flair

Nikki finds joy in all the custom builds that Movable Roots undertakes. However, when pressed to choose a favorite, she has a soft spot for the custom Ward and Farina homes. "They are just so classic," she noted. On the commercial side, her admiration spans a variety of projects, from food trucks to jewelry stores, making it tough for her to pick a single favorite.

Life Outside the Warehouse

Outside of her dynamic role at Movable Roots, Nikki loves to spend quality time with her husband, Mike. They share a passion for travel and cherish moments with their family, grandchildren, and nieces. This family-oriented approach reflects in her work, as she treats every build and client with the same love and dedication she reserves for her loved ones.

Movable Roots Custom Home Builders

A Love for Learning: Nikki’s Favorite Tool

While Nikki might not be allowed to use the tools as per Mike and John, her enthusiasm for learning new things shines through. "When the guys do let me, I love learning how to do new things," she said with a smile. Her willingness to learn and adapt is a crucial part of what makes her an exceptional Marketing Manager and Design Consultant.

Nikki's journey with Movable Roots is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and passion for the tiny home industry. Her unique perspective, combined with her marketing and design expertise, makes her an invaluable asset to our team. We're grateful to have her with us and look forward to many more years of building dreams together.

Stay tuned for more employee spotlights as we continue to introduce the incredible team behind Movable Roots!

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