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Tiny Home Builders Movable Roots

Movable Roots: Our Journey from Nogales to Tiny Homes

Welcome to Movable Roots, a story that is as much about family, heritage, and lifelong learning as it is about building homes. Our journey, deeply rooted in Nogales, Arizona began in the most fitting of places - a Tiny Home on Wheels. For us, a mobile home was more than a dwelling; it was the cornerstone of our life lessons, work ethic, and our foundational knowledge of homebuilding. 

Our Early Years: Learning From the Best

The seeds of Movable Roots were sown during our childhood, under the guidance and watchful eye of our father. A skilled General Contractor with a thriving remodeling business named, "Cheatham and Sons," he was not just our dad but our mentor. We grew up watching, learning, and gradually participating in the world of construction. 

Our oldest brother, Paul, was the first among us to take the hammer, so to speak, working full-time with dad. Meanwhile ,we, the younger siblings, followed suit, equipped with tiny tool bags and hammers, juggling between school and chores. These early experiences weren't just about building structures; they were about building character, skills, and deep understanding of treating customers with respect and integrity. 

20 Years of Experience: A Foundation for Excellance

Tiny Home Builders Movable Roots

Fast forward 20 years, and you will find us- seasoned by various roles in residential construction and remodeling. Individual and collective experiences have honed our expertise, preparing us for something bigger yet smaller -

The Tiny Home Movement!

The Birth of Movable Roots

The concept of "living-tiny" and "going-tiny" was passionately brought to the table by Mike and Nikki, Mike's better half. Their dream of a life rich in experiences of processions, free from the burdens of a traditional homeownership also resonated with Jonathan. And just like that, Movable Roots was no longer a dream, it was a reality! 

Our Promise: Quality, Dedication, and Timeliness

At Movable Roots tiny home builders, we bring our extensive traditional home building and remodeling skills to every project. Our commitment goes beyond construction; we prioritize understanding and fullfilling our customers unique needs. Unrivaled in time management, we are dedicated to meeting build deadlines, ensuring that journey to going tiny is as smooth as possible. 

Remembering Paul: Our Eternal Inspiration

In our hearts and in every tiny home we build, Paul's spirit lives on. Though he left us too soon, his love for simplicity and the essence of the Tiny Home Movement continue to inspire us. Paul was more than a brother and a builder; he was a visionary who saw the beauty in living simply. 

Join Us on This Journey

As the Movable Roots Team, we invite you to be a part of our story, a journey to creating tiny homes that encapsulate big dream in small, sustainable, and beautifully crafted spaces.

Warm Regards

The Movable Roots Team

Tiny Home Builders Movable Roots
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