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Our story and the foundation for “Movable Roots”  began many years ago growing up in Nogales, Arizona in our own THOW (Tiny Home On Wheels or in our case a mobile home).  In the early years, we learned our work ethic, building knowledge, and how to treat customers from our father.  In those days, Dad was a General Contractor and had a remodeling business named “Cheatham and Sons”. Our oldest brother, Paul,  was the first son to take up Dad’s craft.  Paul worked for Dad full- time while we tagged along with our tiny tool bags and hammers in our free time from chores and school.  This mentoring and “OTJ” training continued through the years to come. 


For the past 20+ years, we have worked together and individually as company owners in all stages of the residential construction and remodeling business. In recent years, Mike and Nikki (Mike’s better half ) had begun researching “living tiny” and “going tiny” themselves. They were ready to LIVE more (traveling and creating more memories) while freeing themselves from the typically high cost of a mortgage on a traditional home.  Mike and Nikki shared this new-found passion of possibly building Tiny Homes for others with Jonathan and everyone hit the ground running …. Movable Roots was born!  


Movable Roots Tiny Home Builders will bring our traditional home building and remodeling skills into every Tiny Home we build.  These skills will be matched with prioritizing our customers’ needs and an unrivaled time management to ensure we make those build deadlines as promised.  

Movable Roots Team!



Paul, unfortunately, left this world far too early but he is still with us in many ways! He was a simple man and someone who would love the Tiny Home Movement!


Movable Roots first model home is named “The Henderson” after Paul Henderson  RIP 5/20/68-8/20/09


  • Mike is the “dreamer” who dreamt up the idea of Movable Roots.  Mike has an extensive background in all aspects of residential home building and has always had an eye for design.  He has also been a firefighter paramedic for over 20 years and has a true passion for helping others whether that be in an emergency situation or helping them build their dream tiny home.   Mike actually thrives on the challenges associated with custom built tiny homes.  His motto has always been “Jump and you will find out how to open your wings.”   Mikes big dreams and design knack coupled with his passion for knowledge and creating are truly contagious when you meet him.  


  • John is the “planner” who made the Movable Roots dream a reality.  John also has a background in residential home building from framing, cabinetry and build management.  He has always had that entrepreneurial spirit and for the last 15 years John has run a successful business slinging staplers and college ruled paper.  John has always enjoyed building high quality products and his motto has been “if we cannot do it right than why are we doing it”.   John’s grounded business ethics and passion for doing things right are what will ensure Movable Roots is around for years to come

Meet Some Vital Team Members


Nikki keeps the office on track and Mike’s crazy schedule in order.  Nikki’s background is in sales and marketing, and she brings that much needed feminine touch to the designs and staging of our flagship builds.  Nikki runs all of our social media outlets and is the first point of contact in the customer's journey with Movable Roots.  Her willingness to go above and beyond in all things is the glue that keeps The Big 3 together. If she is not in the warehouse, you will find her teaching yoga!



We are very lucky to have Darryl on our team.  He is a true craftsman and can pretty much do any task in the entire build process. However, he mainly focuses on finish work as well as our flooring and tile.  He worked for a log home contractor for many years and has even built a few homes for himself. If Darryl isn't working in the warehouse he is either fishing for redfish or helping his dad on the family farm.

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