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Movable Roots Custom Tiny Home Builder

Why Movable Roots?

Our approach to constructing Tiny Homes on Wheels and Park Model RVs is distinctive and innovative, tailored specifically for full-time living.

We pride ourselves on our unique production process where each home is custom-designed, taking weeks rather than hours to complete. This deliberate pace ensures that your home receives the careful attention it deserves, as our team prioritizes quality over speed. This meticulous focus allows for greater detail in craftsmanship and efficient problem resolution.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our choice of superior materials, advanced building techniques, and exceptional craftsmanship. These elements define not only the aesthetic appeal of our tiny homes but also their functionality, durability, and maintenance needs. We aim to provide each homeowner with a home that brings lifelong joy and fulfillment.

Our team’s dedication, foresight, and diligent work ethic stand behind our promise to offer nothing short of the best. If you're in search of a remarkable tiny home on wheels or park model RV, crafted specifically for your needs, we at Movable Roots are dedicated to turning that dream into reality.

  • The Movable Roots Team

Tiny Home Bathroom by Movable Roots

How We Work

A Process Geared Towards the Client


Initial Meeting

To start crafting your perfect tiny home, we begin by understanding your needs. Whether through an in-person meeting, an open house, or a phone conversation, we're eager to discuss your preferences for a unique tiny home on wheels or park model RV. Your dream is our priority.

Reach out to us now to schedule your first consultation!


Planning and Building

After you approve your custom design and pricing, we'll organize your build schedule and commence construction on the agreed start date.

Throughout the construction process, we ensure you're well-informed. As a client, you'll have access to our build app, where you can view progress photos, approve specifications and selections, and enjoy seamless communication with Movable Roots at your convenience.


Custom Design Process

Once you choose Movable Roots as your builder, we guide you through our tailored design process. This stage builds upon our initial discussion, delving into your preferences, aversions, and essentials. Our goal is to craft a custom floor plan tailored to your daily living needs.


Live Tiny

Upon completion, our transport service will deliver your new home directly to you. The advantage of these wheel-based homes is our ability to deliver anywhere in the United States. Our support doesn't end with delivery. Where possible, we'll assist with setting up your home. During your final walkthrough, either in person or via Zoom, we'll demonstrate how everything functions and explain the setup process. You'll also receive access to instructional videos for future reference. Additionally, our build app remains available to you for viewing construction photos and ongoing communication with us.

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