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Weekly Employee Spotlight: Nick Sikora – Lead Carpenter at Movable Roots

This week, we're thrilled to highlight Nick Sikora, our dedicated Lead Carpenter at Movable Roots. As we approach his third anniversary with us this July, it’s the perfect time to celebrate his significant contributions and commitment to excellence in the construction of our tiny homes.

Movable Roots Lead Carpenter

From Luxury to Tiny: A Journey of Adaptation and Skill

Nick initially brought with him experience from working on expansive estates, where he believed the shift to smaller-scale tiny home construction might be a simpler path. However, he soon found the complexity and meticulous nature of building tiny homes to be just as demanding. Nick relishes these challenges, enjoying the diversity and innovation each new project demands. "There’s always something different being done to the homes, which keeps things fresh," he notes.

Highlights and Favorites

Movable Roots Custom Park Model

Among Nick's favored projects is the Phillips build, where he expertly blended traditional craftsmanship with modern design elements. He has a particular affection for using natural materials like barn wood, appreciating how these textures add character and uniqueness to our homes. This passion for quality materials underscores his dedication to crafting not just houses, but homes that truly stand apart.

Beyond the Build

When he's not mastering the art of tiny home construction, Nick is wholeheartedly devoted to his family, especially his five children. Their shared activities range from biking and fishing to simply enjoying a day at the beach, filling his life with joy and adventure.

Movable Roots Lead Carpenter

The Power of Teamwork

Nick believes strongly in the power of teamwork, considering it the most crucial 'tool' in his arsenal. The supportive and collaborative environment at Movable Roots not only makes complex projects more manageable but also enhances the quality and efficiency of the homes we build.

A Vital Part of Our Community

Nick Sikora is more than just a skilled carpenter; he’s an integral part of the Movable Roots family. His diverse skills, from detailed carpentry to creative problem-solving, make him an invaluable asset. As he nears his third anniversary, we look forward to continuing our journey with Nick and benefiting from his expertise and innovation.

Keep an eye on our blog for more insights and stories from Nick and our talented team as we push the boundaries of tiny home building. We are excited to see what the future holds with Nick leading the way in our construction endeavors!

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