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Discover The Overlook Cottage by Movable Roots: A Park Model Masterpiece

The Overlook Cottage by Movable Roots

In the dynamic world of modern living solutions, Movable Roots introduces The Overlook Cottage, a park model home that perfectly blends the thrill of outdoor entertainment with the comfort of indoor relaxation. This architectural gem is for those who dream of a home that brings the beauty of the outdoors inside, making every moment at home an experience to cherish.

A New Era of Entertainment

Envision welcoming your guests to a sprawling 290 square foot covered porch that houses a summer kitchen and BBQ setup—ideal for those summer gatherings. But why stop there? Movable Roots goes a step further with an optional Rooftop deck, offering an additional 190 square feet of space for sunbathing or enjoying breathtaking views. Mike Cheatham, the visionary behind Movable Roots, shares, "We designed the Overlook for the client that has the perfect piece of land with breathtaking views that they want to capitalize on and enjoy view from their rooftop deck."

The Overlook Cottage by Movable Roots

Step Inside The Overlook Cottage

Upon entering The Overlook Cottage, you'll be greeted by 399 square feet of ingeniously designed living space on the main floor. The living room is not just spacious but also houses a built-in fireplace, setting the stage for cozy evenings. The kitchen, a galley-style, is equipped for culinary adventures and features a built-in eating area for those heartfelt meals. The primary bedroom offers generous closet space and a large bathroom, ensuring comfort and convenience. Climb the stairs to the loft to discover a versatile play area and two cozy sleeping spaces for twin beds, perfectly accommodating both family and guests.

The Overlook Cottage by Movable Roots

A Visionary Design

The Overlook Cottage is more than just a model home; it's a response to the evolving demands of the hospitality market.  "The hospitality market is always looking for that feature that will make the vacationers stay just that much better," says Cheatham. With its summer kitchen and rooftop deck, The Overlook effortlessly elevates any vacation or living experience. Whether it's BBQing and watching the game at the bar, or enjoying a serene sunset from the roof top deck, these features promise unforgettable moments.

Park Model with Deck

Welcome Home

Priced at $200,000 and available for immediate shipment, The Overlook Cottage is not just a purchase; it's an investment in a lifestyle defined by joy, comfort, and memorable experiences. It's an ideal choice for those yearning for a home that seamlessly blends the excitement of outdoor living with the warmth and tranquility of an inviting interior space.

Step into a world where every detail is designed with your happiness in mind. Welcome to The Overlook Cottage by Movable Roots—where dreams of a perfect home become a reality.  Contact our sales team directly for multiple unit order pricing options . Click here for more photos as well as details on the Overlook Cottage.

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