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Meet Julie Manuel Vellinga: The Numbers Wizard Behind Movable Roots

At Movable Roots, every team member plays a pivotal role in turning tiny house dreams into reality. Julie Manuel Vellinga, our talented bookkeeper and a key member of our family for nearly a year, exemplifies the passion and dedication that define our company culture. We recently sat down with Julie to learn more about her experience and what makes her tick both in and outside the office.

Movable Roots Tiny Homes

Background and Role at Movable Roots

Before joining Movable Roots, Julie honed her skills in financial analysis within the commercial real estate sector, an experience that armed her with a deep understanding of numbers and budgets. At Movable Roots, she brings this expertise to the table, overseeing our financial operations and ensuring that every penny spent is a step towards delivering the perfect home to our customers.

"I had no idea how many different materials and processes went into building tiny homes before I started here," Julie shares. Her curiosity about the industry's unique terminologies like "punch in labor" keeps her learning every day. Julie describes her job as managing "a bunch of numbers," but it's clear she plays a crucial role in translating those numbers into the beautiful, high-quality builds that Movable Roots is known for.

The Personal Touch in Tiny Homes

Julie’s favorite project so far has been the "cat home" — a custom tiny house equipped with a "cat-io" designed for cat lovers. She imagines her brother and sister-in-law enjoying such a home, highlighting the deeply personal approach Movable Roots takes in considering the lifestyles of our customers.

Tools of the Trade

When asked about her favorite tool, Julie wittily selects two: the screwdriver and Microsoft Excel. "The screwdriver is something I know I can handle," she laughs, "But Excel is truly where I excel. It's indispensable in my line of work and definitely my favorite tool."

Movable Roots Tiny Homes

Life Beyond Work

Outside of work, Julie is a devoted mother and wife, enjoying life with her husband T.J., who also worked at Movable Roots, and their two young boys. The family aspect of the company resonates deeply with her, as does spending quality time with her loved ones.

Julie is also an avid runner, slowly building her stamina with the support of her friend Erin. They're training for a Disney 10-miler, a challenge she's eagerly anticipating. Amidst all this, she's also working on her dissertation for her PhD in mathematics, adding yet another layer to her multifaceted life.

Movable Roots Tiny Homes


Julie Manuel Vellinga is more than just a bookkeeper at Movable Roots; she is a vital part of a team that values family, customization, and quality. Her expertise in finance seamlessly integrates with the creative and innovative spirit of Movable Roots, making her an invaluable asset to our team and a beloved member of our community.

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