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Meet Michael Cheatham: The Heart of Movable Roots

Movable Roots Tiny Home Builder

When Michael Cheatham co-founded Movable Roots with John, he envisioned a company that not only created unique living spaces but also nurtured a community. Several years down the line, as the Chief Operating Officer since inception, Michael reflects on the journey with pride and optimism. Today, we dive deep into an insightful discussion with him, exploring his experiences, challenges, and the future of Movable Roots.

Building More Than Tiny Homes

For Michael, Movable Roots is more than just a business—it's a family affair and a craftsman’s paradise. “I take a lot of pride in the fact that John and I started a business that has organically grown to a point where we can pay our amazing craftsmen top wages," Michael shares. His joy doubles as he talks about integrating his family into the business, with his wife Nikki handling marketing and sales, and his son Alex stepping in as Production Director and a partner.

Movable Roots Tiny Home Builders

Favorite Builds: The Henderson and a Food Truck

Ask Michael about his favorite project, and he'll recount the story of the Henderson—Movable Roots' inaugural build. This project holds a special place in his heart due to the quality time spent working alongside John. A close second is their first food truck project for Intracoastal Brewing Company, which he remembers fondly for the new challenges it brought to the table. "It presented us with so many new challenges which I thrive on solving," he says.

Movable Roots Custom Food Truck

Overcoming Industry Challenges

The path hasn't been smooth, as the tiny home industry faces significant hurdles like zoning laws and financing difficulties. Michael points out, “As a business with a product that unfortunately has limitations with placement as well as financing, we have really had to educate ourselves on state and local rules and regulations.” Their proactive involvement in local and state politics aims to pave the way for Movable Homes on Wheels to be accepted as viable housing options.

Pioneering Customization

Movable Roots distinguishes itself by shunning one-size-fits-all models. Michael emphasizes the importance of customization in tiny homes, noting, "We are one of the few that offer our customers the ability to 100% custom design a home that fits their life and how they need the space to work for them." This approach not only caters to diverse customer needs but also sets Movable Roots apart in a competitive market.

Movable Roots Modular

Looking Ahead: The Next Five Years

Looking to the future, Michael is enthusiastic about continuing the custom tiny home process while also expanding into Modular Homes. These homes, designed to meet Florida Building Codes and placed on a foundation, aim to address some of the placement and financing issues faced by Movable Homes on Wheels.

Life Beyond Work

When he's not steering Movable Roots towards new horizons, Michael enjoys unplugging and planning new adventures with his wife, Nikki. He cherishes quality time with his children and grandchildren, which recharges his batteries and inspires him to keep innovating.

Movable Roots Builders

Michael Cheatham's journey with Movable Roots is a testament to passion, innovation, and familial bonds. Under his leadership, Movable Roots not only constructs homes but also builds dreams, proving that small spaces can lead to big achievements.

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