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A Closer Look at Movable Roots: Inside the Mind of Co-Owner Alex Cheatham

In the heart of the tiny home industry, where innovation and challenges meet, stands Movable Roots, a family-run business that is reshaping the concept of modular living. Today, we dive into the insights and aspirations of Alex Cheatham, the Production Director and co-owner, who has been at the helm for 1.5 rewarding years.

Movable Roots Tiny Home Builder

Family at the Core

For Alex, the most cherished aspect of Movable Roots is its family-oriented ethos. “Every employee that joins our team also joins the family,” Alex explains. This familial approach fosters a warm, collaborative environment where every team member is motivated to bring their best. It’s not just about building homes; it’s about building lasting relationships and a supportive community within the workplace.

Exceeding Expectations

When asked whether the tiny home business has met his expectations, Alex beams with pride. “It has exceeded all my expectations,” he says. The complexity and intricacy involved in designing and constructing tiny homes continually inspire him. Each project brings its unique set of challenges, pushing the team to innovate and excel. “I am constantly impressed with what we are accomplishing as a team,” he adds.

A Passion for Commercial Projects

While Alex finds it difficult to pick a favorite project, he admits a particular fondness for commercial builds. Transforming traditional businesses into mobile entities not only requires creative thinking but also a deep understanding of functionality and space utilization. “I love the collaboration between two businesses to take what is typically a brick and mortar store and make it mobile,” he shares.

Custom Mobile Doctor's Office

Navigating Industry Challenges

The journey is not without its hurdles. Alex points out that the biggest challenge in the construction and manufacturing sectors is the shortage of skilled labor. This gap has made it essential for Movable Roots to focus on training and attracting new talents to the field, ensuring that the art of building high-quality tiny homes thrives.

Innovation as a Differentiator

What sets Movable Roots apart in the competitive landscape? “Our readiness to take on challenges and explore uncharted territories,” Alex states. As custom tiny home builders, they often undertake projects that have never been done before. This adventurous spirit is not just about solving problems—it’s about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in modular home construction.

Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Alex envisions a bright future for Movable Roots. “I see us growing to become a household name in the modular industry,” he predicts. With plans to increase production and possibly venture into modular home developments, Movable Roots is poised to redefine modular living on a grand scale.

Movable Roots Tiny Homes

Life Beyond Work

Outside of his professional life, Alex cherishes traveling the world with his family. Whether it’s exploring new cultures or creating unforgettable memories, his adventures with his wife Ashley and their kids, Joelle and Atlas, are what he treasures most.

As Movable Roots continues to evolve and expand, the commitment to quality, family, and innovation remains steadfast. Stay tuned for more insights from the team, including an upcoming feature with Mike Cheatham and other valued employees, as we continue to track the exciting journey of Movable Roots in the ever-evolving world of tiny homes.

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