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A Candid Conversation with John Cheatham, Co-Owner of Movable Roots

Movable Roots Tiny Homes

In the unique niche of tiny homes, Movable Roots has carved out a name for itself, thanks in large part to the visionary efforts of John Cheatham and his co-owners, brother Mike Cheatham and nephew Alex Cheatham. Recently, I had the privilege of engaging John in a conversation that shed light on the essence, challenges, and forward momentum of Movable Roots. Here’s a snapshot of our insightful dialogue:

Introduction to John Cheatham

As a co-owner, John plays a crucial role in the direction and ethos of Movable Roots. Alongside Mike and Alex, he has nurtured the company from its initial concept to its current status as a beacon of innovation and quality in the tiny home industry. This venture is more than a business; it’s a reflection of shared values, ambitions, and the strength of family ties.

A Family Affair

The familial spirit is the heartbeat of Movable Roots, with three generations of the Cheatham family involved and possibly a fourth on the horizon. This deeply personal connection is what John highlights as the cornerstone of the business, emphasizing the unity and dedication that drive the company’s success.

Expectations vs. Reality

The journey into the tiny home business was one of unexpected turns for John and his co-owners. Their initial assumptions about the market, the construction process, financial planning, and the overarching impact of their work were quickly redefined by reality. Each challenge and surprise has led to a profound sense of pride and achievement that has surpassed their original expectations.

Reflections and Looking Ahead

Having already achieved certification as a modular company by the State of Florida, Movable Roots is poised for an exciting future. John envisions the company expanding its production capabilities, with a focus on both modular builds and customized tiny homes. This strategic evolution, underpinned by the experience and insights gained over the years, ensures that Movable Roots remains at the forefront of the industry.

Movable Roots Tiny Homes

Personal Insights

On a lighter note, John shared his fascination with welding, citing it as the coolest tool in the crafting process. Although not a welder himself, his admiration for the skill underscores a broader appreciation for craftsmanship and the tangible aspects of building. Outside of work, John cherishes spending time with his family, supporting his favorite team, the Florida Panthers, and embracing the simple pleasures that life offers.

Stay tuned for upcoming Q&As with Mike and Alex Cheatham, as well as insights from other Movable Roots team members, as we continue to uncover the stories and people behind this dynamic company.

Movable Roots Builders

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