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Movable Tiny Home Financing

Movable Roots Tiny Home Builders has worked diligently to find a financing option for our clients. We have partnered alongside Liberty Bank of Utah to finance your dream tiny home. Keep in mind our custom tiny homes on wheels do start in the low $100k range with our standard finishes. 

Please take the time to read the important tiny home financing information below. 
1. Is this program used for all types of builds or just turnkey builds? 
This specialty financing program is only used for turnkey builds. If you are looking to finance a shell or trailer build our clients have found luck with LightStream by SunTrust. Please contact us for our SunTrust point of contact.

2. What is the interest rate for this tiny home loan program? 
Interest rates are currently above 10%.
3. Do I need a certain credit score to qualify?
Yes, all tiny home applicants in this program will need a minimum FICO credit score of 680 or above.
4. Is there a required downpayment amount?
Generally, this program requires a 20% down payment of the total purchase price. If the total cost of the home (including tax and delivery) is $125k or less then the 20% down payment applies because the max loan amount cannot be great than $100k. If the total cost of the home is greater than $125k for example, $150k then the client would need to put a down payment of $50k and Liberty Bank of Utah will finance the $100k because that is the max loan amount. Please keep in mind Movable Roots tiny homes on wheels start in the low $100k range with our standard finishes. 

5. Is there an application fee? How can I apply?
There is no application fee for a tiny home loan with this program. Applying is quick, secure, and convenient through our online application below. 

6. What options do I have for tiny home loan terms?
This program offers tiny home loans on 10-Year, 15- Year, and 23-Year terms. Certain terms may not be available for all applicants based on credit history and income. There are NO PRE-PAYMENT PENALITIES with this program, meaning you are free to pay off your loan at any time ahead of the designated term.

If you have read the information above and are ready to take the first step to build your dream tiny home, fill out the information below and the process will begin. It should take a couple of minutes and your credit score will not be affected on the initial qualifying soft pull. 

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