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Tiny Home Builder Review


"We spent a great deal of time looking for the perfect builder for our Tiny House on Wheels. One of them actually told us that what we desired was not possible in a Tiny. He recommended a RV. Covid hit and the search for a builder became harder. We saw The Culp at The Central Florida Tiny House Festival and added movable Roots to our list. When we reached out to Mike and asked if he had any work in progress that we could tour, he informed us that he had nothing in a finishing state in the warehouse but that he had a recent build nearby that we could tour. We met him at an RV park in Melbourne and met Barb who was living in The Lindstrom. We loved the way that they had adapted the design to her needs. We also like how he interacted with Barb, as if they were family. We told him that we had very specific needs. That we wanted to be mobile and we wanted our design to include our cats needs. Mike seemed excited about the challenge. We met with other builders after Movable Roots but we both agreed that we felt the most comfortable and impressed with Movable Roots because they seemed to listen to their customers while making sure what they produce is functional.

The design process was well managed from the initial questionnaire to almost daily emails and text messages and pictures. We asked for many things that were new for Movable Roots. We wanted to be able to stand in front of our loft before we got into bed. So they built us a loft with a landing in front of the bed. We wanted a walk way from the master loft to the second loft for our cats to walk on and lay on but also for Michelle to be able to travel across to tend to the litter boxes. The Cat walk was born. We wanted an awning outside as well as a cat door. We told Mike about our desire to place a cage outside (the catio) that would allow the cats to come outside with is without getting loose or being in any danger. mikes answer was almost always "I don't see why we can't do that." When we asked for a skylight over the master loft he said, "I'm not sure we can do that," but then he researched the possibilities and found a solution.

Mike and Nikki and their crew went well beyond our expectations to give us a beautiful, high quality tiny that we are very happy to live in. From the custom cabinets and drawers in every step to the wooden bench in the bay window and the huge outside storage area. The craftsmanship in out tiny is at the level you would see on the tiny house TV shows and then some. They have made our visions a reality and we couldn't be happier with it. We can't thank them enough and would recommend them to everyone. 

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