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Top Tiny Home Trends Movable Roots Has Seen as a Custom Tiny Home and Park Model Builder

As pioneers in the custom tiny home and park model industry, Movable Roots is always attuned to the latest top tiny home trends and innovations in tiny home design. Here are the top trends we're seeing this year that are redefining small-space living:

Park Model RV

1. Expanding to 10' and Sometimes Wider

While the standard tiny home width is 8' 6", a growing number of homeowners are opting to expand their homes to 10' wide and sometimes even wider. This extra space makes a significant difference in the interior layout, allowing for more flexible designs and roomier living areas. This trend is particularly popular among those who plan to keep their homes stationary for extended periods, offering a more comfortable and spacious living environment without the need for frequent relocation.

Movable Roots Custom Home

2. Bringing the Outside In

Maximizing outdoor space is becoming a key aspect of tiny home design. Homeowners are increasingly incorporating outdoor patios, whether attached to the home or built on-site. Additionally, large windows and sliding glass doors are being used to seamlessly blend the indoor and outdoor living areas, allowing natural light to flood the interior and providing beautiful views.

Movable Roots Custom Home

3. Bold Colors and Accents

Gone are the days of neutral-toned tiny homes. Homeowners are now embracing bold colors and unique accents to personalize their spaces. Whether it’s a vibrant exterior paint job or a striking accent wall inside, these pops of color make each tiny home distinct and reflect the personality of its owner.

Tiny Home Kitchen

4. Chef’s Kitchens

Just because you’re living in a tiny home doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your culinary ambitions. Many of our clients are opting for chef’s kitchens, equipped with high-end appliances, ample counter space, and smart storage solutions. These kitchens are designed for cooking, hosting, and food prep, proving that you can enjoy a gourmet experience even in a small space.

Tiny Home Bathroom

5. Spa-Like Bathrooms

After a long day, there's nothing better than unwinding in a luxurious bathroom. Tiny home owners are now prioritizing spa-like features in their bathrooms, such as soaking tubs, jetted bathtubs, and high-end fixtures. These serene spaces provide a perfect sanctuary to relax and rejuvenate, making tiny living feel truly indulgent.

Embrace the Trends with Movable Roots

At Movable Roots, we're committed to bringing these top tiny home trends to life with our custom designs and innovative solutions. Whether you’re looking to expand your tiny home’s width, create a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience, or add luxurious touches, we’re here to help you craft the tiny home of your dreams. Stay tuned for more updates and design inspiration from Movable Roots!

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