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Taking Bagels on the Road: Movable Roots and Call Your Mother Deli's Unique Collaboration

Updated: Jan 4

Movable Roots Food Truck

At Movable Roots, we’re not just about building tiny homes or standard mobile solutions; we’re about bringing unique visions to life. In 2023, we embarked on one of our most exciting projects yet - a collaboration with the renowned Call Your Mother Deli. This wasn’t just about creating another food truck; it was about reinventing what a mobile deli can be.

Call Your Mother Deli has already made a name for itself with several brick-and-mortar locations, known for their vibrant atmosphere and delectable bagels. Their aim was clear: to take their signature style and scrumptious offerings on the road. But a traditional trailer or food truck setup wouldn’t do justice to their brand. They needed something uniquely tailored, something that echoed their physical stores' charm and vibrancy.

Movable Roots Bagel Truck

Our challenge was to design and build a food truck that not only reflected the deli's quirky and colorful aesthetic but also packed in all the functional necessities of a mobile eatery. And to add another layer to the challenge, the deli wanted this food truck to have complete off-grid capabilities, ensuring they could serve their delicious bagels anywhere, anytime.

The design process was a thrilling journey. We worked closely with the Call Your Mother Deli team, delving deep into their brand and operational needs. Every aspect, from the color palette to the interior layout, was carefully considered. The result? A bespoke food truck that's a roaming replica of their brick-and-mortar locations – bright, fun, and unmistakably Call Your Mother Deli.

The build phase was all about attention to detail and innovation. We equipped the truck with state-of-the-art kitchen facilities, energy-efficient appliances, and storage solutions, all while ensuring the vehicle was robust enough for daily use and versatile enough for different locations. The off-grid capabilities were achieved through a combination of solar panels, energy-efficient design, and other sustainable technologies, making it a truly self-sufficient mobile deli.

Movable Roots Commercial Kitchen

The final product was more than just a food truck; it was a testament to what can be achieved when innovative design, unique collaboration meets a clear vision. The Call Your Mother Deli food truck has since become a mobile landmark, turning heads and tantalizing taste buds wherever it goes.

This project with Call Your Mother Deli is a shining example of how Movable Roots isn’t just about mobility; it’s about bringing unique, personalized visions to life. Whether it’s a mobile deli, a traveling boutique, or a custom tiny home, we’re here to make your dream a reality.

Have an idea to take your business or lifestyle on the road? Reach out to us at Movable Roots, and let’s make it happen!

Solar Powered Food Truck

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