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Revolutionizing Business on Wheels: Beyond Tiny Homes and Park Model RVs

At Movable Roots, our name has become synonymous with innovation and versatility in the world of mobile living. While we've earned acclaim for our beautifully designed tiny homes and park model RVs, our expertise extends far beyond. We've carved a niche in creating custom mobile commercial & hospitality units, catering to a diverse range of industries and needs, from gourmet food services to unique retail experiences and even mobile healthcare.

Our Breakthrough Project: Intracoastal Brewing Company

It all started with a project for Intracoastal Brewing Company. They needed a food truck that transcended the ordinary – a commercial kitchen on wheels that could meet rising demand. We stepped in, crafting a unit that was custom-built for efficiency and style, setting a new standard in mobile food service.

Diverse Ventures in Mobile Business Solutions:

Our journey didn't stop with gourmet food trucks. We've since expanded our portfolio to include various unique mobile businesses:

  1. Mobile Jewelry Store: A roving boutique that brings high-end equestrian jewelry to horse shows across the country, offering an exclusive shopping experience in a niche market.

  2. Mobile Wedding Chapel: A charming, on-the-go venue for couples wishing for a unique, intimate setting for their special day.

  3. Mobile Doctor's Office: A trailblazing approach to healthcare, this unit travels to equestrian events, providing convenient medical services to the community.

  4. Additional Gourmet Food Trucks: Building on our success, we’ve created more food trucks, including for a renowned bagel company, each reflecting our commitment to quality and custom design.

Why Choose Movable Roots?

At Movable Roots, we don’t just build; we innovate and tailor. We understand that each business has its unique signature, and our mission is to craft mobile units that not only embody your brand's essence but also enhance its operational functionality. Whether you're aiming to take your business on the road for the first time or seeking to elevate your existing mobile unit, we are your go-to experts.

Your Dream, Our Blueprint:

Are you considering expanding your business with a mobile unit or upgrading your current one? Let Movable Roots be your partner in this journey. Our team is equipped to design and build a custom solution that perfectly aligns with your vision and business objectives. The road to expanding your business footprint starts here.

Movable Roots isn't just about building tiny homes and RVs; we're about breaking boundaries and opening up a world of possibilities for mobile businesses. From luxurious mobile boutiques to innovative food trucks and beyond, we are dedicated to turning your entrepreneurial dreams into a mobile reality. Connect with us, and let’s create something extraordinary together!

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