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New Year, New Look: Making Your Tiny House a Home

As the holidays approach and we prepare to enter a new year, how can we spruce up our square footage to make our tiny house feel like a new home? Making your tiny house feel like home is easy!

Check out these simple steps to making your small house feel like a home you want to come back to each day.

Design to Reflect

When you are in the beginning stages of your tiny house build, it is important to prioritize what is important to you. Movable Roots expert design team can help you create a space that genuinely reflects your personality and feels like home.

If you are an educator or have an affinity for books, you might consider using built-in shelving on an accent wall or even into your stairs in order to create a place to store what is important to you as well as to use those pieces to decorate a place in your home. This is a great place to take it one step further and build in something like a small reading nook. Placing simple throw pillows with cute sayings or images of something that reminds you of places you love is an inexpensive way to brighten up an old space.

If you are someone who loves the outdoors or extreme sports, you might replace your ladder with rock climbing holds or use upcycled skateboards for shelving. You may also want to use something like bikes or surfboard storage in your home by hanging them from your roof beams. This is a fantastic way to highlight what you love while using those items to store in practical ways in your tiny home, giving it that personal touch that you’ll love.

Bring the Outdoors In

The use of natural light cannot be underestimated in a tiny house. Being able to use large windows, fold out porches and decks, and even creative placement of things like shutters that fold into a window-top bar can be excellent methods to make your tiny house feel open and inviting while creating even more space to enjoy whether you are home alone or hosting guests.

Tiny House with Deck

A fun way some tiny house dwellers have found to bring the excitement of outdoor play in for families or the young-at-heart is by hanging things like hammocks for reading or even sleeping in a smaller loft space, adding upgrades like Plexiglas catwalks to connect lofts, or even using a netted hammock to create a ‘second floor’ feeling. When you are working with a great custom builder, the opportunities to make your tiny house a home that reflects your personality are endless.

Display What You Love

Tiny Home Shelving

When living tiny, it is important to love every square inch of the home you’ve created for yourself. The size difference in the American average of 2600 square feet houses and a tiny house, averaging under 200 square feet, can feel great. Be sure, when filling a space—no matter how small—with the things that make you feel loved and like your best self, you will truly enjoy spending time in the home you’ve created.

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