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Innovative Storage Solutions for Tiny Living

When you reduce your living space from the American average of 2600 square feet to somewhere south of 400, finding the real estate to store your belongings can be challenging. This struggle can show itself in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom closet, or even home office.

To solve this common tiny house struggle, Movable Roots not only offer custom builds, but they also feature a wide array of storage opportunities within their two signature models, the Henderson and the Lee. While many living tiny opt for the use of vertical space for hanging storage or baskets to hold wares in the kitchen and bath, these two beautiful tiny homes illustrate innovative storage solutions for tiny living.

The Henderson is an absolute beautiful depiction of how everyone’s Want List can become a reality on wheels atop a 30’ trailer and boasting 330 square feet of living space. The 2’ extensions on the front and back making this this model a 34’ trailer over all of beautifully decorated real estate to enjoy.

Tiny Home Loft

Offering both a main floor master bedroom and a second loft bedroom is a rarity that is coveted in the tiny house community but Movable Roots has totally nailed it. Check out the simple addition of storage furniture such as the three drawer end table turned dresser in the loft and the gorgeous built ins framing both sides of the main floor master bed. This offers endless space compared to most models on the market.

Tiny Home bedroom

Additionally, the blue cabinets in the kitchen are an obvious stand-out. But when you see how much room they have to store bake ware, pots, pans, dishes, and even overflow from other home spaces, you will want to have this in your life! The gorgeous gold accents are just the finishing touches on an already remarkable product for storage space while living tiny.

Tiny Home kitchen

For those appreciating rustic craftsmanship, it doesn’t get more beautiful than the live edge cedar shelving in the Lee. These incredible shelves in the main living room space are beautiful and practical. They can hold everything from your family’s portraits and décor, to books, vinyl records, or your fly fishing hobby extras.

Under step storage is becoming more common in tiny house builds, but none compare to the six drawers and cabinets featured in their alternating step staircase. They are remarkably built, beautifully furnished, and can hold anything from your work boots to the pet’s food and treats!

Tiny Home Living Area

The drool-worthy natural shelving continues into the main floor master bedroom where they frame the bed for perfectly practical storage for everything from a cell phone charging station to your nighttime reading, picture, and alarm clock.

One major stand out in the Lee is the noteworthy closet space available in their main floor master bedroom. Most tiny homes do not feature closet space or a main floor bedroom so combining the two was nearly unheard-of before the Lee hit the scene. The closet features a combination of cabinet-style doors and dresser drawers that have more than enough storage space for a couple to live comfortably with plenty to wear for an entire season.

Tiny Home Bedroom

Finding space for everything that moves with you from a traditional ranch or two-story home to tiny living can pose some pretty major challenges, however Movable Roots has found the solution to your storage troubles. Check out the killer space savers in both the Henderson and the Lee or contact them for a custom build!

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