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How to Host a Holiday Party in Your Tiny Home

When deciding to build your tiny house, consider the ‘wow factor’ that will most definitely be assigned to your non-traditional way of living. Whether you decide to park your home in a stationary locale or take it on the road in a THOW (Tiny House On Wheels), people will stop to “oooohhh” and “aaahhhhh” at the way you live.

Likewise, the wonder of knowing someone who chooses to live in under 400 square feet will attract visitors. Many who decide to downsize and live the tiny home lifestyle are people who’ve enjoyed hosting birthday gathering, dinner parties, and game nights for friends. So how can you continue playing the hostess when your real estate shrinks by 400%?

Here are three tips for hosting a holiday party in time for you to invite over family and friends for the upcoming celebration.

Accept That Your Place Will Be Full

This was true in “normal” sized homes as well. When your kitchen counter is simplified to a sink with fitted inserts that double as beautiful cutting boards and a 1’x3’ space that can flip up to extend your “counter”, you might think things could get hairy during food prep for a full family holiday meal.

You can still cook simple lunches, trays of fresh fruit and cheese, a breakfast spread, or dinner with all the trimmings. What changes is that you may implement other cooking sources such as using the grill for meat, pre-cooking some side dishes ahead of party time, or even choosing to cater the meal to reduce the amount of cooks in the kitchen.

Utilize the popular open floor plan of tiny homes by incorporating seating at a bar or counter area, dining, as well as any couch or chair space you may have. Most people assume the place will be crowded, just as they would in any other party, so don’t be afraid to invite them over.

Tiny Home Kitchen

The idea of being full is true in every part of life. We will fill up. We get physically full, emotionally to the brim, and mentally overflowing. What people learn living tiny is that, when the rest of your life has been simplified by choice, the stuff that tends to “fill up” and cause stress becomes infinitely easier to manage. They chose this and sincerely love it.

Rain or Shine, Plan for Outdoor Space

No one wants to be sardined into any tiny space with tons of other people, no matter how beautifully “farm to table” or modern-retro that space is decorated. To solve that problem, plan to sit outside; for dinners or Legos for the kids, for playtime and partying, sit outside. Create an outdoor space that people will want to come visit.

Tiny Home Outdoor Deck

Make the best of the small space and the most of the outdoors. Even when the forecast predicts rain, be prepared. A simple canvas canopy can fit several party goers around a beautiful dining table or fire pit where memories can be made for dozens of your closest family and friends.

Take Tips from Trends

Many living in large cities are forced to choose a smaller apartment due to the housing costs of remaining downtown. This means there are always trends that will teach you how to host anything from an elegant dinner party to a bonfire outside in a space meant for two. Here are a few of our favorites:

· Hang Your Décor- This current trend is a space-saver and will allow for matching theme decorations without taking up your table space.

· Use Drink Containers- Instead of choosing bottles and cans, opt for drink serving carafes to eliminate both the space of coolers or in the fridge as well as saving on waste.

· Leave Out Your Cutting Board- These are so much more than a kitchen tool as their beautiful designs have graduated to décor. Use this to both cut veggies, cheese, and fruit as well as to serve it to guests.

It is hard to know how several people will handle socializing in a small space, but we all know we need to reconnect. It doesn’t matter if it is at a luxurious table for six, intimately coordinated and lovely for friends, or in lawn chairs with horseshoes and friends who enjoy the great outdoors. Living tiny has a way of creating the opportunity for lasting memories.

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