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Embrace New Beginnings with Movable Roots: Unveiling Spectacular End-of-Year Offers for 2023!

As the year draws to a close, Movable Roots, a leader in innovative and bespoke tiny homes, is thrilled to announce our exclusive end-of-year offers, tailored to bring your dream of compact, stylish living to fruition. Whether you're an aspiring tiny home dweller, an entrepreneur eyeing a unique rental opportunity, or someone seeking an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), our offers cater to a diverse range of needs and aspirations.

1. Customize Your Dream Home with $5,000 Off

Embarking on the journey of creating a custom tiny home is now more rewarding than ever. Sign up for our design process before the end of 2023, and enjoy a $5,000 discount on your custom home contract. This offer is ideal for those who envision a tiny home on wheels or a park model RV that perfectly aligns with their lifestyle and taste. But hurry, you must sign your new home contract by February 28, 2024, to avail of this offer.

Our design process is a journey from imagination to reality. We specialize in turning detailed renderings into tangible, beautiful tiny homes. This is an opportunity to collaborate with our expert team, ensuring every inch of your new home reflects your personal style and needs.

2. Ready-Made Tiny Homes: Instant Savings on Jojo Models

For those ready to dive into tiny living without the wait, our existing inventory of tiny homes comes with an attractive offer. We've slashed prices on our beloved Jojo models:

  • Jojo 20: Now just $76,999

  • Jojo 24: Available for $89,999

These models are perfect for the true tiny home enthusiast, those looking to create a unique Airbnb experience, or anyone in need of an efficient and stylish ADU. Our Jojo series, known for its craftsmanship and design, offers an immediate and cost-effective solution to join the tiny home movement.

Shipping Across the Continental US

No matter where you are in the continental United States, Movable Roots brings your tiny home dream directly to you. We ensure that your new home, whether custom-built or selected from our inventory, is delivered with the care and professionalism that Movable Roots is known for.

Contact Us Today

These offers are our way of celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of another, inviting more people to explore the joys and benefits of tiny living. To learn more about our end-of-year offers or to start your journey with Movable Roots, contact us today. Let's make your tiny home dream a reality in 2024! 🏡✨

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