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Tiny Home Builder Review


We were tiny house ‘dreamers’ long before we met Mike but with a growing family, the time never seemed right to make the dream a reality. So we continued to research, watch the shows, read the
blogs and plan for our tiny house ‘someday’. That day finally arrived when our youngest decided to head North for college and so we began looking for the people to help make our dream a reality.


Luckily for us, we found Mike and Movable Roots. We reached out to Mike after looking at the models on the Movable Roots website – we could tell that their work was top notch. We them scheduled an informational call and visit to the Movable Roots warehouse which confirmed what we thought we already knew – Mike and his team were tiny house builders interested in the highest level of both form
and function. Our first challenge was learning that the standard Movable Roots models would not work for us. No Problem!


Mike and his team had been working on a new design and he showed us drawings right then and there and we fell in love. We worked with Mike on customizing the design for our needs
– ability to sleep 5 – and were on our way!


The build process was so hassle-free folks started to question us about it. But Mike kept us informed and asked for clarification and input when needed and we had total confidence in the team. And that confidence was rewarded when we saw our home, it was more than we ever could have imagined – from the design to the finishes, everything was perfect. Even the delivery was above our expectations. We had some issues with electrical and Mike stayed onsite with us for a whole Sunday making sure everything was set up properly. Even now, Mike checks in from time to time to make sure things are going OK. We could not be happier with our tiny home and with Mike and the Movable Roots team.

Thanks to them for bringing our dream to life!

Custom Build Customer

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