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Tiny Home Builder Review


“New on the scene is a builder named Mike who owns Movable Roots! (Fantastic name in my humble opinion.) When we met, I had a clear vision: a mini park model that sleeps at least 5, a master on the bottom floor, a screened in porch, and a massive 28 cubic foot fridge. Mike is fantastic to work with. He sat with me and worked through multiple design requests in order fit my needs and wants. For example, this fridge! I was convinced I wanted a 28-cubic foot, 38’’ deep, 3-drawer beauty. Mike was willing to accommodate this request despite recommending that I go for something smaller. He always tries to meet my vision while still protecting the integrity of his build. (I did eventually compromise with a 24-cubic foot, counter-depth fridge… of which he graciously approved) I can say that Mike has some of the best qualifications for tiny home building!

  • He and his brother each have 20+ years’ experience of housing construction

  • Mike is patient — which I valiantly tested with a few unusual requests for my tiny build

  • He contributes toward your ideas and goals. Mike helped me figure out a layout that comfortably accommodated my porch, bottom floor bathroom, and master.

  • He pays great attention to your details – As I am getting older, my needs are changing. We’ve talked about a seat and hand rails in the shower, and space in the hallway and bedrooms that I may need later in life. He has kept all this in mind during the design process.

  • He researches like crazy, knowing how and where to find things for your build – For example, I really wanted a separate, stackable washer and dryer. Mike gave me a crash course in AMPs, however where he explained this would push me over my 50 AMP limit, given my other appliances. Knowing I didn’t want an “all-in-one” machine, he began searching for a gas dryer that fit my size requirements. And found one!

  • He is honest with his timeliness and contracts.

Mostly, Mike is a personable and friendly builder. He will tell you the truth about the details of your project, good or bad. I am thankful and grateful that we stumbled across him at the Tiny Home Festival in Elkton, Florida. He’s helping me turn my BIG vision into a “tiny” reality!

Custom Build Customer

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