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Tiny Home Builder Review


I have wanted a tiny house for nearly five years for my twins and I. When I actually started saving up for one is when I really started to narrow down my list of builders I liked. I live in California, but did not want to limit myself to just what's near me. I had gone to multiple tiny house events to get a feel for what layout would work best for us, what products would work best for long term living, and to see different design styles. I was also keen on having a steel frame, and not every builder works with steel. After compiling this list, searching the internet and Instagram, Movable Roots kept ticking off all the boxes. When I was pretty sure this was the builder, I'd gone through their entire Instagram page, which was very informational, and just confirmed when I was ready it would be them.

   Fast forward to me calling them to get the ball rolling, Mike and Nikki were always keeping in the loop as to what stage we were at. Their communication was honestly amazing, which being so far away meant the world to me. From the very start the whole team is very detailed oriented, which is great because so am I. I knew exactly what I wanted, and they were able to give me all those big wants. I was sent progress notes and pictures within an app the entire way. At first I thought not being able to ever step foot at the facility to watch the build in person may be a bit sad, but it really wasn't in the end. I have saved every single progress picture, and felt very included in any follow up questions. When they say their homes are fully customizable, they are not kidding!

   My twins and I have the home I have been dreaming of for years. All of my pins on Pinterest have come to life. Sometimes it still feels surreal! When the build was complete they did a live walk through showing me everything, and how things work. For anyone looking for a quality tiny home builder, that will actually last, I would suggest Movable Roots. When my home was delivered by One Call Logistics, I wasn't surprised by how perfect it was in real life. The driver really took care of my home as if it was his own, and that was seriously a long trek."

-N. Adams

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