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Since the inception of Movable Roots, we have been asked if we also build tiny homes on foundations. While that has always been an option with in our local area residents it wasn’t something we could offer a majority of potential buyers. We have actively been researching how we could bring our modern designs and quality craftsmanship into a more permanent designed home and still utilize our manufacturing facility. The answer we found is Modular Homes.

modular home

What is a Modular Home

Modular homes are homes built off-site typically in a manufacture facility similar to our current warehouse set up. A modular home can be a single unit build or multiple modular units that are delivered separately and assembled on site. Once the Modular Home is built it is then transported to the site, where they are set up on blocks, metal piers, basements, or permanent foundation. Once set, Modular Homes are not typically movable.

Unlike manufactured homes which are built according to the national HUD code, modular homes are built according to the same or higher building standards than site-built homes. Modular Homes are required to conform to all state, local and/or regional codes that are needed for the final location of the home.

Appraisals, home loans, insurance, and taxes are the same for modular homes as for site-built homes.

Modular homes are also considered a form of green building and typically built faster than site-built homes with lower waste of materials. They can even be built to withstand 175-mph winds and are very energy efficient.

Modular homes are highly customizable and can offer a little more square footage of living space than your typical tiny home on wheels (THOW). You can choose every detail starting from exterior façade, number of windows and ending with any architectural detail.

Movable Roots will be adding Modular Home options initially to our Florida clients very soon. Our initial designs will be based on single unit modular builds that will range between 12-14ft wide and up to 45ft long. We are currently working on a few “Modular Flagship” designs but will also offer our Custom Design Phase for customers who want to create their own space.

modular home

Movable Roots has been working diligently with banks, county and city commissioner through the years to help the movable tiny home movement continue and help in any way we can. If you are reading this, I’m sure you are intimately aware of the headwinds, restrictions, and just misunderstanding that there is in way of feasibility for homes on wheels. Movable Roots will continue to beat the drum and march towards what was once seen as a ‘fad’ become a stable option for people to live in a tiny home. For that customer that isn’t looking to move their home, tiny Modular homes maybe the best option to go ‘tiny’ and get past the road blocks often encountered when customers are trying to get financing, insurance, and land for their tiny home on wheels.

If this is something you would like to discuss further please fill out our Consult page.

Movable Roots experienced and knowledge team is here to help you make that tiny home dream an option.

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Jeronimo Sekiro
Jeronimo Sekiro
Sep 27, 2023

Modular homes are a testament to how modern construction methods have evolved. Built in sections at a factory and then assembled on-site, they offer a blend of efficiency, quality, and design flexibility. If you're exploring housing options like these, it might also be a good moment to consider if you want to sell your house and make a fresh start with a modular design!

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