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A New Dawn in Ft. Myers: Movable Roots' Custom Modular Home

In the wake of Hurricane Ian, Ft. Myers Beach is witnessing a new beginning with the unveiling of a custom modular home by Movable Roots, designed specifically for a couple who tragically lost their home in the storm. This initiative represents not just the reconstruction of a house, but the rebirth of a home filled with hope and resilience.

Elevated Living: A Home on a Raised Foundation

In an innovative response to the challenges posed by nature, this custom modular home by Movable Roots will stand proudly on a raised foundation. This design choice not only ensures enhanced safety from potential flooding but also adds a unique architectural appeal, It's a home that exceeds ordinary standards, providing a secure and peaceful environment amidst the unpredictability of nature.

Durability and Safety: Adhering to Florida's Building Standards

Safety and Durability are at the forefront of Movable Roots' design philosophy. This custom modular home has been meticulously engineered to comply with the highest of Florida's rigorous building codes and wind ratings, offering a robust and enduring haven against harsh weather conditions.

Personalized Design: Your Home, Your Way

We at Movable Roots believe that every home should mirror the unique journey of its inhabitants. That's why we engage closely with our clients, tailoring every aspect of their home to their preferences and requirements. From the overall layout to the smallest details, we ensure your home is a true embodiment of your individuality and style. Learn more about our modular custom design process here.

Style Elegance

Our approach to modular homes marries sustainabilty with contemporary elegance. Built with eco-conscious materials and featuring energy- efficient designs, these homes not only promise reduced utility bills and a smaller environmental footprint but also maintain a sleek and modern aesthetic.

A Commitment to Excellence

Movable Roots is dedicated to delivering quality and innovative solutions in the realm of modular home construction. We aim to seamlessly blend skilled craftsmanship with forward- thinking design, ensuring each home we build is a sanctuary that resonates with its owners.

Embark on Your New Chapter

This custom modular home will stand in Ft. Myers Beach and will symbolize more than just a residence; it will stand as a testament to new beginnings and the enduring human spirit. Movable Roots invites you to embark on this exciting chapter and follow along with the build process. Stay tuned for updates along the way.

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