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Tiny Home Builder Review


 After following the tiny house movement for years as dreamers, we decided to take a faith leap and become more "movable."  We had explored the builds of several tiny home builders and had some ideas of what our dream tiny home would be.  When we came across the work of Movable Roots on some different social media sites, we were both confident in their ability to create our home and do it with integrity.  We were especially interested in their custom-designed trailers.  We began the build process through phone calls with Mike in November 2018 from our home in PA and did not meet him or his crew until June when our house was nearly completed.  The communication and clarity of ideas that Mike and Nikki were able to achieve through phone and email was remarkable.  Being a homeschooling family of four--plus a big dog--our space needed to be designed well with all of our heights and daily needs in mind.  Mike and the team configured space and angles and design elements we didn't even know we needed, but we are glad we have!  We have been in our tiny house for almost one month now and have not felt cramped for space once!  We have ample storage and the space looks clean and attractive, thanks to the craftsmanship of Movable Roots.  The bathroom layout required a lot of creativity and discussions during the build, trying to make it most functional without compromising space in the tiny house.  We are impressed by the fact that we now have a spacious, luxurious shower as well as composting toilet and as a stacked washer/dryer in our bathroom!   

Being rookies in tiny house living, we have been comforted by Mike's availability to field our random questions and to troubleshoot with us still as we adjust to being owners of a tiny house.  We are well pleased!”

Jessica and Jarvis, Custom Model “The Wansley”

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