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Tiny Home Builder Review


“The Lindstrom, our beautiful home that Movable Roots built by Mike, John, Nikki, and amazing staff is our dream at the age of 78 and married for 58 years. After having several large homes during those years and me traveling 22 states for 20 years working with architects & contractors building high rise apartments of 500 sq. ft. for the elderly, I realized that we didn't need a large home to take care of at this time in our retirement. I had watched the tiny home shows for about 2 years and finally suggested to Jack, who had trained Maintenance Engineers for many years, that we should look into builders and see what we might like and he was all for it. Thus, we started the process by visiting three builders and Movable Roots was the final one. We were blown away by the construction from the trailer on to the final details that we went over on our first meeting. Mike leading the entire process but was open to a few changes that I really felt we needed especially after Jack needed to bring oxygen into his life while we were in the process of finalizing the model we had chosen. Mike was amazing to work with changing details and allowing me to make a few suggestions that I knew would enhance the livability for us for years to come. I loved following the process day by day as he posted pictures weekly and sometimes daily of everything during the build. We were most impressed with the steel structure rather than wood as we live in Florida and we are not planning on travel in it although of course, we can. We have now been living in an RV park with the availability of everything from the beach to all shopping and medical facilities and love it. We are so very thankful for both Mike and Nikki and the great the staff for making our retirement a beautiful time we can enjoy.”

Barb and Jack, Custom Model “The Lindstrom”

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