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Tiny Home Builder Review

The Movable Roots team, especially Mike, Nikki, and their son, Alex, have been phenomenal to work with. They have definitely exceeded my expectation, but I didn't expect anything less from such a superb team. I am blown away by how easy it was to put this together and loved how they kept a list on CoConstruct with all the To-Dos and photographs of everything they have completed and an estimated timeline. They reached out to me immediately with any question they had and were able to move the process along right away. The quality of the workmanship is some of the best I have seen. As a jewelry designer, every detail is something that I notice. Between the woodwork and the work inside the walls that you don't see, such as the spray foam insulation, and construction of frame. Movable Roots built my structure as if they were building for themselves and not just to turn profit like some other companies who cut corners. We also had a strict deadline, and they were early by a few days, which was a difficult task. Movable Roots has been professional and friendly and are simply good people all around. Now that we are done building my store, I want to build something else for fun just because it was so lovely to deal with them!"

- Karina "The Jeweled Barn" 

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