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Our Process

A Fully Custom One

Whether you are looking for a complete turn-key tiny home on wheels or a shell build, our team knows the space should be designed and built to fit your specific needs. 

We are currently taking orders for custom tiny homes, park models, and shells on wheels to be delivered in third quarter of 2023.

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Free Phone Consultation

Going tiny is a big adjustment and comes with many questions. Our team is here to listen and help you decide what direction best fits your needs. We don't have all the answers especially to, "Can I put my tiny home here?" However, we will attempt to point you in the right direction for those answers. Head to our contact us page to schedule your free phone consultation today! 

Custom Design Phase

In this process, you will work directly with our design team to craft your custom tiny home. During this process, we learn your likes, dislikes and must-haves. This tiny home will be unique to you and your specific needs for tiny living. 


We recommend starting this process anywhere from 11-12 months before you are ready to go tiny. There is a $3500 cost associated with the design process. and it takes 5-6 weeks to complete.


Our finished homes vary in price with our 24ft. homes starting in the low $100,000 range with prices increasing as size increases and fit/finishes are added. Going into the design phase we typically have a good idea of what our client's budget is and we will design with that in mind. Once we have an approved custom design we will be able to complete the estimate for your build. 

Keep in mind we also have financing options available for those who may need it.

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Start the Build

After pricing has been agreed upon and a sales contract has been signed outlining the entire build process, and custom options for your tiny home on wheels by Movable Roots we will give you a "commencement date" and start your tiny home build. 

Once the build phase has started, it will take about 3-5 months to complete your tiny home build all depending on size and customization options.

Live Tiny

Once your build is complete and we do a final walkthrough, delivery arrangements are made and you will be living in your custom-built Movable Roots Tiny Home knowing it was built to last!

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