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Tiny Homes

At Movable Roots, we understand that you may not plan on living in your tiny home full time or you may be looking for a tiny home ADU or investment tiny home and do not need customization. Our flagship homes are tiny homes that we have designed and/or built to showcase our quality craftmanship and space utilization. You can pick one of these homes and choose to customize the colors, exterior textures, and flooring options to your liking and not have to go through our design process. Below are five of our flagship builds/designs for you to scroll through and read more about. If after viewing these homes you are not seeing something that 100% fits your style and needs, don't worry because we can custom build your tiny home.

In the know

Movable Roots flagship homes are both NADA listed and certified to NFPA 1192 and ANSI 119.5  certifications through our partnership with Pacific West Association We will go above and beyond as well as hold ourselves to the highest standards because we stake our reputation on our high-quality tiny homes. 

PWA offers a complete tiny home certification package that encompasses your build from start to finish. 

Lenders use NADA values for loan origination, loan underwriting, funding, repossession, and more.

Flagship Testimonial

Every attention was paid to the details. Somebody put a lot of care into building this home and it shows.

Henderson Owner

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